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Upcoming: Nov 18, 2023
SEAL future foundation

This November ACTIVE Charity will be once again supporting the SEAL Future Foundation

Transitioning out of service you find yourself alone facing an unfamiliar enemy, one you’ve never trained for called transition. How does your past life translate to this new one? How do you find your new purpose without teammates or resources to help you? You may have sustained injuries- internal, external, or both- that the current system does not know how to address. You are teaching yourself how to be a father and husband again having been deployed most of your career. The SEAL Future Foundation is here with the tools and resources to help you get healthy and find your next purpose. This will definitely not be easy, but you do not have to fight this battle alone.


sff provides

  • A network of top-tier healthcare providers

  • Individual Warrior Health Advocates

  • Access to breakthrough holistic treatments

  • Coverage of treatment costs

  • A community of former Teammates

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